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Nutrition, exercise, and wellness community for professional and non-professional costume performers

Are you ready to up your endurance, feel better about yourself, and have a stronger performance in costume? I am sure you are...if so, you have come to the right place!

It isn't just experience that makes you a good performer, it is all about how well you take care of your mind and body outside of those events that makes a difference too! Not only will taking care of yourself help you maintain better performance standards in suit at events, it will also help boost your confidence and keep you looking great while doing it!

Message from the mod taffypinkdino: Thanks for taking the time to check us out! I will be the first to tell you I have not always been very focused on staying healthy. Although, I have been doing costume character work for years and staying active IN suit, I recently felt like I still was not performing up to par, nor feeling as strong or healthy as I should...both physically and mentally. I could not keep up with others my age and my physical abilities seemed to be keeping me from doing what I really wanted to do.

In mid-march I made a promise to start working out more often and change my lifestyle. I began working out three times a week in a group fitness class in Columbus. The transformation has been amazing. When I started on March 15th was back up to around 140 lbs- now I am down to 133 after just a few short weeks of healthy weight loss and training. I can see my abs, and I feel amazing! I started this group to help spread information on the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle, not just for your physical self but also for your mental health as well! Thanks for joining! <3 Fuzzybutt

Group Goal: Positive change is something only you can do. This community is geated to helps you positivity change with tips, tricks, and member support. :)

Note: Although this community is geared towards performers, you do not have to be a performer to take from the advice! :)

Group News!!

5/18/2010 - Panels being planned for future conventions! Currently looking to host a panel at MFF 2010 and POSSIBLY Anthrocon 2010. Stay tuned! :) Would LOVE to have some of the members there!

3/29/10- WE NEED A LOGO, AND FOR THAT, WE NEED YOU!! I am looking for a picture of someone in a mascot/costume/fursuit doing some sort of work-out or physical activity! :) Submit it to me at fuzzyfinlj (at) ymail.com and your character could be the main mascot for our community!

3/29/10- Take the poll! I want to hear your feedback on what you want to see in this group! Take it, here!

DISCLAIMER: taffypinkdino is not a Dr, personal trainer, or nutritionist. The advice here does not replace the advice from a dr or certified professional...and should not be used as such. Please consult a dr/nutritionist/health professional before making any changes to your lifestyle. By becoming a member of this group, you agree to this disclaimer. (Don't sue. kthnx)