My 5 day food Journal
I Want To Believe

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Top 55 Lean-Body Foods to Build Muscle and Lose Body Fat
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Mike Geary, creator of the Truth about abs program. In the article he goes over his top 55 foods to shape you body and build quality, lean muscle. You can check out his Truth about abs program at

Hope you enjoy the article!

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Eating Habits at Cons
I know it is tough sometimes to eat the right things at a con but what do you usually go for? I myself since I have high cholesterol try to go for the least offensive for my diet. And also do you try to eat at normal intervals or just when you can, I would just like to see what you have to say on this, and what you try to do. :)

Challenge #2! Food and Activity Journal
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Hey Everyone!

Again I deeply apologize for the delay! It's midterms week here at Ohio State. :)So when I am not working out or working- I'm studying. lol

Anyway- great job on Challenge #1. This second challenge will last through May 1st...then the drawling for April will be in early May. I wanted this one to be a bit longer because I feel it is one of the most important!


The rules for this challenge are simple:

For at least 5 days write down all that you eat and any extra activity you do beyond just your normal routine. (IE- if you go to the gym, workout classes, brisk walks, walk the dog).

Make sure you write down the times you are eating and doing these activities!

After you are done- post your diary here or send it to me so I can note that you completed the challenge and be eligible for our drawing! :)

Why is this challenge important? In starting any lifestyle change, you want to make notes as to what you are doing when. With all of us being so incredibly busy, it is really important to keep up on how you are doing. Seeing it down on paper- is really helpful for that! I know that in keeping a journal, personally, it has helped me. It helped me see OMG I AM EATING NOTHING BUT CRAP! and keep ontop of my "better diet choices" plan.

It is a good way to keep what you are doing very fresh in your mind and be a little reminder of what you can and can't do. :) It is also kinda motivating to look back and see what all you CAN do and how well you have done. :)

I am hoping that this challenge leads to something more concrete in making a new change and help in your motivation!

Again, do not start any massive lifestyle change until you consult a dr. or nutritionist. I am not one of these things- I am just a former fat ass who felt really poorly about myself and wanted to promote a positive change in my life. :)

Good luck everyone! Let me know if there are any questions! Again, this is the LAST challenge for April!

This is an example of what I am talking about- this is from yesterday for me. You do not have to be this detailed with ingredients. I just am very wordy and like to keep track. :)

6am: Work out shake (GNC Cookies n Cream!), WATER
AM Vitamin: Woman's One A Day (Basic vitamin from GNC for women)
7am: Work-out 45 minutes at Fitness Boot Camp, WATER
8am: Post work out shake (GNC chocolate- because it is awesome), WATER
11am: Sting cheese, pb&j sandwich on wheat, WATER, 2 bags of 100 calorie cookies (I could not resist), pears
2pm: Can of tuna on crackers, string cheese, WATER, harvest cheddar sunchips fun size bag
4pm: Pizza 2 slices cheese thin crust baked at home, string cheese, WATER
8pm: Cookies and cream protein shake, string cheese, WATER
10pm-Midnight: Mascot event meet and greet, WATER
PM Vitamins: 1000mg Omega-3(Fish Oil helps with memory and all sorts of fun stuff) 2 100mg Flax Seed (Flax seed helps with breakouts and helping maintain hormone levels)

I drink a lot of water! I go through at least 4 bottles a day- which honestly probably is not enough, you can never get to much (unless you have health issues)!

Currently today this is how I started:
9am (Slept in): Pears, String cheese, WATER
AM Vitamin: Woman's One a Day
11am: Strawberry Yogert, Whole Wheat Blueberry muffin, WATER

Excellent Article
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I just had to share:

Weighing the Evidence on Exercise

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Original Link

My Motivation
Summer - By Zowolf
I've never been a particularly active person, but I am lucky and have few issues with my weight and health. I'm going into my final year of my undergrad degree now, and there is so little time during my studies for me to concentrate on keeping my body in good shape. When I was younger I was really into camping, hiking, rock climbing, etc. and I miss that opportunity to get closer to nature, finding myself cooped up in my sterile room or studio more often than I know is healthy. I know as I make my way into adulthood none of this will really get any easier, so I'm trying to motivate myself to get into a routine now. Here are some things that are motivating me for this change.

- Heighten my overall mood, help deal with stress, anxiety and depression.
- Increase my endurance. I'm tired of being short of breath after jogging or hiking.
- Get stronger. I want to be able to fend for myself.
- Motivate myself to get out of my house and enjoy the natural world a lot more often.
- Lose 5-10 lbs. This is less important to me than the other points, but it would be a nice side effect.
- Live a healthier lifestyle in general and get into the habit of eating well and exercising regularly. I want to be good to my body!

As for how I will achieve these things, I guess that's why I joined this group! I know a lot of it is personal motivation, but it sure helps to have others to give you tips and encourage you.
I want to start these changes as soon as I`m out of uni for the summer, and I can`t wait to hear more great tips =)

Diet Sodas....are they really good for your Diet??
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Do you drink diet sodas? If so, why are you doing so? IS it because you are trying to lose weight? Lose that gut? Trim down? Or are you trying to reduce the amount of calories you are getting? Or is it all of the above?

Drinking diet sodas are not the best option for a bevarage choice. But are diet sodas holding you back from gaining yourself a better body? The answer is 'Yes'. You work hard in the gym, hard on other aspects of your diet, so why sabotage yourself with diet drinks.

Here's a list of the ingredients inside one of the leading diet drinks:
Carbonated Water
Caramel Color
Phosphoric Acid- used for rust removal in concentrated form, can damage the enamel of you teeth
Natural Flavors
Aspartame (NutraSweet brand)- sugar replacement that has been shown to cause harm to the brain and nervous system.
Potassium Benzoate
Citric acid

Now that makes for a nasty combo of ingredients that I don't think was ever supposed to be combined and put into human being's bodies. And some studies have shown that diet sodas are actually worse than there higher calorie, regular soda brothers.

The major reason for this is the sweeteners used in diet drinks causes an increase in release of fat storing hormone production in the body and increases the craving you feel for more sweets and processed carbs shortly after consuming a diet soda.

So my advice is if you want to lose it, you got to stop drinking diet sodas. Or pretty much anything with artifical sweeteners in it.

If you want a good natural sweetener that you can use and still drop the fat pounds, try stevia.
You can order it here:

Avoid high Fructose Corn Syrup too. You'd be surprised how many things you eat on a regular basis contain this. Ketchup, some cereals, most processed and refined foods, and many others. Look through you pantry and see. Eliminate these as soon as possible.

So what to drink in place of diet drinks. Obviously the best choice is plain 'ol water. The you have your choice of different types of teas. Green is the best, but you have black, white, red, herbal, etc... Plus you get the benefits of the healthy anti-oxidants from teas.

If your going to drink fruit juice, make sure it is 100% juice and not from concentrate. Also be careful with the servings. 1 8 oz glass of orange juice is the equivalent in calories to eating 2-3.5 oranges.

Source- Jason Yun Yun Boot Camps

My Personal Challenge
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 Compared to most people, I'm relatively fit BUT I could be a whole lot better. Something unfortunate happened beginning in the fall of 2008. That unfortunate thing was my senior year of undergrad. Most girls get a bad case of The Fats their freshman year, but I got it on the last year. I was taking five courses, and three were high level. I had no time for myself. The problems continued into the summer of 2009, when my rigorous internship/slavery at an aquarium left me too exhausted to do much. I also couldn't afford to join a gym, which is a good environment for motivation.

In short, I've gained 20 pounds of body fat and my fat% is well into the unhealthy range. I've yet to get rid of it. I've lost 5-8 pounds here or there, then work will be crazy and I'll drop the ball. When things get stressful, I eat. And eat. AND EAT. I am a very food-motivated person much like my animal fursona(s) of choice. 

How do you all keep from dropping the ball and becoming discouraged? What foods do you eat for health and energy? Does anyone have experience with vitamin B12 supplements? I feel so sluggish.

Any advice on tasty, healthy foods that won't break the bank? I can't live on protein shakes and bars forever. 

Also, has anyone had any experienced with one day (JUST ONE DAY NO ONE PANIC) water and soup fasts, just to clean out the system? Lord knows I'm dehydrated...

I'm only 20 pounds overweight. I'm 5'3" and 148 pounds. I DO have a lot of muscle left over from 8 years of competitive swimming, but uhhhh there's a layer of "insulating blubber" on top. Since I do not plan on living in Alaska, this blubber will not be needed.

I guess I'm in need of some encouragement. My goal seems so close yet so far. Much of my motivation died when my favorite personal trainer moved away from my gym, leaving me with a new one that isn't nearly as good. Someone kick me into gear? Please?


I should add, so this has something to do with fursuits, my upcoming body suits will be very form-fitting and I want them to be flattering. That's part of my reasons. Spandex is a privilege etc...

Fitness, can it rid stress from the body in a natural way?
Indeed! Several studies show by working out and watching what you eat, you can ease down your stress levels and live happier day to day! Adrenaline accumulates as your body is under stress, and builds up as a natural chemical in your system. Exercise can reduce chronic muscle tension, reduces insomnia, decreases depression and anxiety for you! Not only that but it increases concentration and alertness, perfect for at stressful jobs or in your studies at college/school. Also, performers deal with a lot of stress when it comes to preparing, perfection, and the day of performance which for me, has driven myself bonkers (ESPECIALLY when on set or even musical performances!)

Exercise helps stimulate endorphin production in your system which are what make you feel good about yourself and generally a happy camper! By not dealing with your stress in some manner, its affecting your inner works as well as mentally harming you. Below is a link to the military fitness website's information on working out stress with fitness and in a healthy natural manner! Hope this helps!

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Hey Everyone!

I hope this post finds you feeling great. I had a wonderful time at FCN. :) If any of you saw a retarded (literally) dolphin walking around- that was me. :)

So today is the day you all have been waiting for...the first challenge of FitFursuiters! :-D

Today is going to be special, since it is the first week, there are going to be TWO! :-D

A bit about the challenges:
Challenges are not mandatory! You can do them if you want to. You can do as many or as few as you would like.BUT- The only way to get your name into a drawing is to do the if you want to be up for a prize, then yes- you need to do the challenges. :P

There are going to be several types of challenges. The first type deals with getting you to do things to help you improve- YOU (which is the point). There will also be a couple of challenges that will help support this lj group...just to help get the group more active. :)

You do need to be a member of this group to do the challenges. :) It's free. Join us. :P

There will be 3-4 challenges per month. One for each week for sure...with a few "bonuses" thrown in when I feel creative. ;)

Yes, I will take ideas for challenges!! :-D

For each challenge you will have to post what you did- specifics will be given per challenge. :) If you do not feel comfortable posting what you did, feel free to PM me. Though, posting it will enable other members to feel inspired by you and also help motivate you! There is definite benefit for posting them.

Each challenge you do and complete- your name will be put into the drawing for the monthly prize. The more challenges you do, the more times your name is in the hat. Your name will only be put in once per challenge though.

If you join the group midway through the month- you CAN go back and do the challenges you where not there for. :) You will just have to play catch-up. You will only be eligible for the prize the month you join.

As always...I am not a dr. I am some former fat ass who decided to change her life. Please consult a professional (Dr...nutritionist) before starting any change in your lifestyle that can and will affect your health. :) Be smart. Be safe.

Questions? Comments? Concerns...ask! :-D Feel free to pm me if you don't feel comfy commenting on here.

I will be posting a poll in a few asking for ideas for the April prize. :) I will probably be doing the drawing the first week of May.

Thanks! Stay healthy!


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