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EEP! Time flies!
fuzzy bunnies and cupcakes
taffypinkdino wrote in fitfursuiters
Hey Everyone! Community is not dead, it just looks like it.

I have been incredibly busy. In early August I started a 4-5 day a week work out routine to beef up for my first Triatholon that will be in September. Currently I am out of state for work, and have been having some trouble squeezing in my typical work outs :-/ I have been walking several miles a day for this job though, so that does help...I just feel blah still because I am not up at 5am with my trainer for the next week.

How are all of you doing?
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I have been good, gotten a little lax on my low fat diet lately, back on track now. And bought a bike about a month ago, using it here and there.

noy bad here.... got my bloodtest done and my chl was 119 bad and 52 good. Heart rate 122/76 :)Bloodsugar was 124. I am proud of this but somehow gained 6 POUNDS?!?! I am 6'1 and 260. I am disabled and my doctor said other than the weight gain he is pretty happy with me. I have problems walking and when overdone I wind up in the ER :(. I tried situps and my doctor said to do it really careful because of my spine. I am down to a 42 pants :)

Hope everyone is doing fine.

btw also I cook on my george foreman grill and i barely eat bread. I need to start eating veggies. I have been cutting up apples. I need to cut down on my soda is all I can think of trying to lose weight.

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