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Guinness Happy
winail wrote in fitfursuiters
It's been a while since anyone has posted on here, so I thought I would break the ice! :) 

Been a while everyone... half a year since the last post! I know we all get the winter blues, but SHEESH! 

I'll admit I have been bad... VERY BAD over the past few months to myself! High carbs, low exercise = fluffy fox.

I need to lose about 10 pounds to get back to my desired weight (200) and my goal is to be down to 190 by the end of this year... I will accomplish this by kicking fast food in the face, and eating healthy alternatives when possible! Why have a burger when you can have a salad with chicken and a light soup with milk when you go to a Green Mill, for instance? 

I am going to be picking up a new puppy here in the next few days, so I will have a running companion again. I miss having someone to take to the lakes and bike with, you know? :P

How are you guys all doing? It's been too long! Let us post some success stories to get me motivated for spring here! 

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well, im obviously not too concerned with actual weight loss over here, i think i do want to work on my stamina, and work on getting my blood pressure down (when i was pregnant with my twins my blood pressure got all wonky, and ive been struggling to fix this ever since).
my bellydance teacher is starting up classes again soon, so that might help quite a bit with that.
i also need to visit my wii fit more often, do the cardio games on there.

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